Does a Wine Fridge Use Much Electricity?

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We’ll be talking about how much electricity a typical wine refrigerator uses in this article.

Are wine coolers expensive to operate? is a frequent query we receive. So in this article, we’ll talk about how much energy wine refrigerators use specifically.

Since this is, by definition, energy usage over time, we will measure it in watts.

We’re going to divide this article into different sections to accommodate for each type and size of wine cooler because there are so many different types and sizes of wine coolers.

So without further ado, let’s discuss how much energy a wine refrigerator typically uses:

Does a Wine Fridge Use Much Electricity?

As we briefly mentioned, we’ve divided the information below into sections so you can determine the exact energy consumption for the wine cooler you choose.

Sizes / Bottle Capacity

Small (6-15 Bottles)

A small wine cooler’s average wattage consumption is around 75 watts.

Medium (18-35 Bottles)

A medium wine cooler consumes about 125 watts on average.

Large (36-600+ Bottles)

A large wine cooler’s average wattage consumption is approximately 200 watts.



A thermoelectric wine cooler uses the Peltier effect to cool wine bottles, so it has no moving parts and uses less energy than a compressor unit.


A compressor wine cooler uses liquid refrigerant to circulate the system, which requires more energy because the system contains physically moving parts.

Single Zone

A single-zone wine cooler has a single cooling zone.

Dual Zone

A dual-zone wine cooler has two cooling zones with separate temperature controls. As a result, they consume more energy than a single-zone unit.

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