EdgeStar CWR1661SZ 166 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler Review

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The EdgeStar CWR1661SZ 166-Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler, a Free-standing or Built-in Wine Cooler in Black and Stainless Steel design, will be reviewed in this product review.

We will investigate the wine refrigerator’s technical specifications as well as its aesthetics, features, advantages, disadvantages, price, and warranty. Are you short on time? Skip to the summary to see if the EdgeStar CWR1661SZ 166-Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler is a good buy.

EdgeStar CWR1661SZ 166-Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

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  • Height – Approximately 70 inches
  • Width – Approximately 24 inches
  • Depth – Approximately 27 inches with the handles
  • Weight – 231 pounds



Capacity and Design:

The EdgeStar CWR1661SZ wine refrigerator can hold up to 166 (750mL) bottles and has evenly distributed cool air. This makes for excellent home entertainment. Remember that the standard 750mL bottle capacity for this wine refrigerant refers to the typical Bordeaux bottle dimensions, which are approximately 12 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter.

For the best layout, stick to the suggested shelf bottle arrangement. Taller and wider bottles may reduce the number of wine bottles significantly. The larger bottles should be placed on the top and bottom shelves for the best layout with different-sized wine bottles. The shelves are also removable, which allows for larger bottles to be accommodated as well as easy cleaning and maintenance.

In terms of design, the EdgeStar CWR1661SZ combines contemporary and industrial elements. It has pitch-black interiors, wood-trimmed wire wine racks, and LED-lit interiors. There is also an integrated carbon filter that removes odors.

The reversible door swing is made of tinted glass with stainless steel trim. The tinted glass door allows you to see your entire collection while keeping the temperature cool inside until you select the wine bottle you want to take out. You can also choose whether to open the door from the left or right side with a reversible door. The door also has a security lock to protect your wine collection.

There are 15 sliding shelves for easier access. They are also detachable for cleaning and storing various bottle sizes. It also has interior LED lighting and a digital touch control panel to adjust and monitor the temperature.


The EdgeStar CWR1661SZ wine cooler is stylish and functional, with a large bottle capacity. So let’s take a look at the features that provide good value for money:

  • Single Temperature Zone– If you prefer to keep your red and white wine collections separate, a single-zone operation wine refrigerant is an option to consider. Temperature settings range from 40 to 65° F. You can also choose a cellar temperature of 55° F. Champagne and other sparkling wine selections should be served at temperatures in the 40s. For white wine, aim for the 50s, and for red wine, aim for the 60s.
  • Even Air Distribution– The EdgeStar CWR1661SZ’s interiors make use of powerful circulation fans to eliminate hot spots and problems with uneven cooling.
  • Built-in or Freestanding– With the EdgeStar CWR1661SZ, you have this choice whether you have the room to fit your wine cooler in your kitchen cabinetry or you prefer to showcase your wine fridge as a standalone. It looks good on all sides and makes for an elegant appliance in your kitchen.
  • Digital-Touch Controls– The tinted glass door allows for clear visibility of the temperature control panel. Despite being built into the interior of the wine refrigerator, the temperature display is still readily accessible for monitoring and adjusting.


All parts and labor for the EdgeStar CWR1661SZ are covered by a one-year warranty. If you want customer service support after the initial warranty period has expired, you might think about purchasing an extended warranty. If you don’t plan to replace your EdgeStar CWR1661SZ unit within the next two to three years, it is recommended that you choose an extended warranty.

Customer Reviews

Some customers had issues with noisy units and inaccurate temperature readings, but most customers were pleased with the EdgeStar CWR1661SZ’s ease of assembly, longevity, performance, and appearance. It is best to return defective items as soon as you open the box and identify the issue so you can get a replacement. The unit must be enjoyed for the entire time it is in your house.


  • Easy temperature management
  • Minimal noise for most units
  • An elegant appearance
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Wire racks are designed to fit standard-sized bottles. Big bottles reduce capacity to around 150 bottles.
  • Difficulty with repairs once the unit runs its entire lifespan.


For those who want a separate wine cooler for various types of wine, the EdgeStar CWR1661SZ is advised. As this model operates at a single temperature, you can store your white wine collection and your red wine collection in separate wine coolers. The use of this model will be maximized by those who have standard-sized bottles.

The appearance is well-designed overall. The features are incredibly thoughtful. This applies to the LED temperature display, the safety lock, and the glass door. Its performance is what matters most. We consider the wine cooler’s interior air circulation in addition to its contemporary aesthetics. You can depend on the unit for a long time because it has a simple temperature control system and big cooling fans.

The EdgeStar CWR1661SZ Wine Cooler is exceptional for this price range thanks to its bottle capacity, aesthetically pleasing features, and general performance. The interiors are made even more posh than they already are by elevating the wire racks with wood trim. Additionally, the carbon filter guarantees an odor-free interior to provide the best environment for your wine collection.

The exteriors are simple to install and blend in with any contemporary home design. The tinted glass doors with stainless steel frames and LED lighting are a perfect fit for your kitchen and bar. With cost-effective wine collection storage, you can enjoy entertaining guests at home.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for more wine coolers from EdgeStar, check out our guide to the top 9 Edgestar wine coolers.

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