EdgeStar CWR181SZ 18 Bottle Wine Fridge Review

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We introduce the EdgeStar CWR181SZ in this product review.

It is a built-in wine refrigerator with one zone for storing a select number of your preferred wines. Due to its built-in capabilities, this model is a great option for both residential and commercial use.

Read through the product’s technical details as well as our key analysis of its overall design, functionality, feature highlights, advantages, disadvantages, and everything else you need to know about this wine refrigerator.

Continue reading to learn why this wine cooler is a great investment if you’re looking for a small wine fridge with excellent design and features.

EdgeStar CWR181SZ 12 Inch Wide 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

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  • Height- 34.25 inches
  • Width- Approximately 12 inches
  • Depth- 24.5 inches with handles
  • Weight- 66 pounds



Capacity and Design:

A constrained number of wines can be stored in the EdgeStar CWR181SZ Built-in Wine Cooler (18 to be precise). This wine fridge is for you if you like to keep a small wine collection at home for social gatherings and to maintain your sanity.

It has six wood-trimmed wine racks and an 18-bottle wine refrigerator. Remember that the recommended bottle arrangement and standard 2.75″ bottles are what are meant by the bottle capacity. Instead of being upright on the wine shelves, the bottles will be lying down. Keep in mind that the shelves can slide out for simple cleaning and access to your wine collection.

An Edgestar trademark is on the overall look. Due to its thin design, it can fit into tight spaces under counters, like the one where your trash compactor normally occupies. If you adhere to the advised cutout dimensions, it has adequate air ventilation. The design and construction of this wine cooler also make it suitable for use as a freestanding wine fridge if that is your preference. You can display this lovely, compact wine cooler in your kitchen or dining room.

A stylish stainless steel trim and substantial handles are also present on the glass door. Additionally, you can control the temperature of your wines even with the door closed thanks to the LED-lit display.


What, then, qualifies this wine fridge as a good option for those who need to store a modest wine collection? We wanted to emphasize the following features:

  • Small and slim design – The wine cooler is only a toddler’s height, but it is heavy enough to be sturdy. Its slim body also makes it simple to find a space for the wine cooler.
  • Reversible Door Swing – This is a crucial feature, particularly for people who require more flexibility in the opening of their appliance doors. Install the door hinges properly to prevent the wine cooler from slamming into other appliances when it is opened.
  • Modern/Industrial Design – This modern kitchen appliance can be displayed in your home thanks to the stainless steel and wood accents.
  • Glass Doors – A wine cooler that makes use of a glass front door panel can conserve energy while also showcasing your wine collection. In addition to the glass door’s large handle and reversible door swing, it has UV protection to avoid hot spots in your wines, which is a great feature.
  • LED-lit, Digital Temperature Display – For storing similar wine collections, such as red or white wine only, this wine cooler has a single zone temperature operation. The digital display panel reliably displays temperatures in the 40 to 65°F range.
  • Even Cooling Distribution – Internal fans built into the EdgeStar CWR181SZ ensure proper air circulation to properly cool all of your wines. With some inexpensive wine coolers, temperature distribution can be an issue, but not with this model.
  • Carbon Filter – This feature should be very important to you if you plan to store your red wine collection for an extended period of time and do not want to deal with unpleasant odors when you access your wines the following time. The integrated carbon filter is intended to shield your wines from bad odors that can come from aged wines.


EdgeStar is a company that supports its goods. The EdgeStar CWR181SZ offers a one-year warranty in addition to being a reasonably priced wine refrigerator. Both labor costs and replacement parts should be covered by the warranty. You are aware that you have a one-year guarantee in case you require this feature.

Customer Reviews

Few users reported being bothered by the model’s noise level, which is generally quiet. Customers frequently complain that the bottle capacity is quite small. If you prefer to store your wine this way, the model’s inability to support bottles standing up may limit the number of bottles that can be held.

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  • Built-in capable with a slim build and a reversible door swing
  • LED-lit display to highlight your wines and check the temperature with ease
  • Contemporary design with a large door handle, sleek stainless steel trim, glass door, and wooden shelves
  • Full temperature range spectrum
  • Good quality wine fridge with one year warranty
  • 1-year warranty


  • The bottle capacity can be quite tight.
  • A bit pricey for a small wine cooler.
  • Somewhat noisy


In any contemporary kitchen, the EdgeStar CWR181SZ 18-bottle unit is a useful wine cooler to display. Whether it is displayed in a freestanding arrangement or integrated into your kitchen cabinetry, it has a good build quality and a sleek design. The metal borders also go well with the wood on the shelves. Even though it is a small wine cooler intended for up to 18 standard bottles, the overall design is attractive.

Strong fans inside the EdgeStar CWR181SZ ensure even cooling and prevent hotspots. Additionally, the glass door has UV ray protection, which is crucial in sunny kitchens. Keep in mind that the wine cooler is not intended for use outdoors, so if you have a mini bar by the pool and want a wine fridge there, bringing it outside could compromise its performance.

Overall, this affordable 18-bottle wine cooler is a high-quality appliance. You will undoubtedly use this wine cooler in your home for a very long time because it has a single zone temperature operation and an easy-to-read accurate display. The one-year warranty is also helpful.

However, if you want to learn more about other wine coolers made by EdgeStar, read our guide to the top 9 Edgestar wine fridges.

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