How Long Chill Wine In Fridge?

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Whether you’re preparing for a dinner party, a romantic evening or just looking to unwind after a long day, a chilled glass of wine can be the perfect companion. But how long should you chill your wine in the fridge? As a wine expert, I’m here to guide you through the ins and outs of wine chilling and answer some of the most common questions about it.

How long to chill wine in the fridge?

The length of time it takes to chill a bottle of wine in the fridge will depend on several factors, including the type of wine, its size and shape, and the temperature of your fridge. As a general rule, a standard 750 ml bottle of wine should be chilled for 2-4 hours in the fridge before serving. For larger bottles, such as magnums, you’ll need to chill them for longer.

What are the best types of wine to chill in the fridge?

While most people associate white wine with chilling, there are plenty of other wines that can benefit from a bit of refrigeration. Light-bodied reds, such as Pinot Noir or Beaujolais, can be particularly refreshing when served chilled. Rosé and sparkling wines are also great candidates for chilling.

How does the shape and size of the wine bottle affect its chilling time in the fridge?

The shape and size of the wine bottle can impact how quickly it chills. Wider bottles will cool faster than tall and thin bottles, due to the larger surface area in contact with the cold air in the fridge. Similarly, larger bottles will take longer to chill than smaller bottles, as they contain more liquid.

What are some common mistakes people make when chilling wine in the fridge?

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One of the most common mistakes people make when chilling wine is not allowing enough time for it to cool. Additionally, some people make the mistake of putting the wine in the freezer, which can cause the wine to freeze and expand, potentially breaking the bottle. Another mistake is putting the wine in the fridge door, which is subject to more temperature fluctuations than the main body of the fridge.

What is the optimal temperature range for different types of wine in the fridge?

Different types of wine have different optimal serving temperatures, and this can impact how long you need to chill them in the fridge. For example, a crisp white wine such as Sauvignon Blanc is best served at around 45°F (7°C), while a full-bodied red such as Cabernet Sauvignon is best served at around 60°F (16°C).

What are the effects of over-chilling or under-chilling wine in the fridge?

Over-chilling wine can dull its flavor and aroma, while under-chilling it can make it taste too warm and tannic. It’s important to strike a balance and find the optimal temperature for your particular wine.

How long can you store wine in the fridge before it goes bad?

While wine can be stored in the fridge for several days, it’s best to consume it within a day or two of opening to ensure its quality. Additionally, certain wines, such as aged reds, are not recommended for chilling, as the lower temperature can cause their flavors to become muted.

Are there any alternatives to chilling wine in the fridge, such as using an ice bucket?

If you’re short on time, an ice bucket can be an effective alternative to chilling wine in the fridge. Simply fill the bucket with ice and water, and submerge the bottle of wine for around 15-20 minutes before serving. However, keep in mind that this method will not maintain a consistent temperature like the fridge will.


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Chilling wine in the fridge can be a simple and effective way to enhance its flavor and refresh your palate. By considering the type of wine, the bottle shape and size, and the optimal serving temperature, you can ensure that your wine is perfectly chilled and ready to be enjoyed. Remember to avoid common mistakes such as putting the wine in the freezer or in the fridge door, and consider alternatives such as the ice bucket method if you’re short on time. Enjoy your perfectly chilled wine!


Can I chill red wine in the fridge?

Yes, light-bodied red wines such as Pinot Noir or Beaujolais can benefit from chilling in the fridge before serving.

Can I put wine in the freezer to chill it faster?

No, putting wine in the freezer is not recommended, as it can cause the wine to freeze and expand, potentially breaking the bottle.

How long should I chill sparkling wine in the fridge?

Sparkling wine should be chilled for at least 3-4 hours in the fridge before serving, but it’s best to check the label for specific instructions.

Can I chill boxed wine in the fridge?

Yes, boxed wine can be chilled in the fridge, but keep in mind that the spout may need to be removed or covered to prevent it from leaking.

What should I do if I forget to chill the wine before serving?

If you forget to chill the wine before serving, you can use the ice bucket method to quickly cool it down. Alternatively, you can try wrapping the bottle in a wet towel and placing it in the freezer for 15-20 minutes, checking it frequently to ensure it doesn’t freeze.

What should I do if the wine is too cold?

If the wine is too cold, you can let it warm up for a few minutes before serving, or hold the glass in your hand to warm it up slightly.


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