How Many Amps Does A Wine Refrigerator Use?

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What are Amps or Amperes?

Amps an abbreviation for Amperes or Amperage, and it measures electrical current. We can use a simple calculation to determine how much current a wine refrigerator consumes:

Amps = Watts (Power) / Volts (Voltage)


How many amps will a wine fridge use?

We’ve included approximate amp (electrical current) consumption values below.

Each value is based on a specific product that meets the criteria for being classified as small (under 20 bottles), medium (21-49 bottles), or large (50+ bottles).

We’ve also included amp consumption figures for thermoelectric coolers, compressor wine coolers, freestanding, built-in, single zone, and dual zone wine coolers. This gives you a much better idea of which refrigerator uses the most/least current of electricity.


Typical¬†Wine Refrigerator ‚ÄstAmp¬†Consumption

  • Mini¬†wine¬†fridge: 50w/110v = 0.45A
  • Small¬†wine¬†fridge: 95w/120v = 0.79A
  • Medium¬†wine¬†fridge: 90w/110v = 0.81A
  • Large¬†wine¬†fridge: 150w/115v = 1.30A
  • Thermoelectric¬†wine¬†cooler: 50w/110v = 0.45A
  • Compressor¬†wine¬†cooler: 76w/120v = 0.63A
  • Freestanding¬†wine¬†cooler: 90w/120v = 0.75A
  • Built in¬†wine¬†cooler: 100w/110v = 0.90A
  • Single zone¬†wine¬†cooler: 90w/110v = 0.81A
  • Dual zone¬†wine¬†cooler: 100w/110v = 0.90A



As we mentioned at the start of this article, and hopefully as you can see from the paragraph directly above. The number of amps (current) used by wine fridges can vary greatly.

As a result, in order to be completely accurate, you must check each model individually.

Please contact us or leave a comment if you have any questions.

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