How Much Do Commercial Wine Refrigerators Cost?

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A commercial wine cooler is an excellent investment for any bar, restaurant, hotel, cafe, or another establishment that requires one. Let’s start with the basics: what exactly is a commercial wine fridge?

What Is A Commercial Wine Refrigerator?

Simply put, they are wine storage units capable of storing and cooling enough wine bottles in a venue to ensure that supply meets demand.

In other words, they are large-capacity wine coolers used in commercial settings to keep wine at a cool temperature.

They are essential for any bar/hotel/restaurant to chill wine, whether they are placed in a wine cellar, wine cabinet, or bar side.

But how much do they cost? And what is your ideal budget?

Furthermore, with so many options available, how do you know which one is best for your company? We’ll explain the various types of commercial wine coolers and assist you in selecting the best one for your needs.


What Is The Cost Of A Commercial Wine Fridge?

The first thing we should note is that there are many different types of wine fridges (freestanding, built-in, single-zone, dual-zone, etc.), manufactured by many brands, with varying wine bottle storage capacities.

For example, you may want a dual zone unit if you have a selection of white wine and red wine that you’re looking to store in the same physical unit, but in different temperature zones.

It is therefore very challenging for us to give a precise dollar figure here.

In order to calculate an average price, we’ve included the costs of the most well-liked commercial wine fridges, which are displayed below and range in bottle capacity:

Disclaimer: All RRP prices displayed are accurate as of the date this post was published, but they may now differ.

  • AAOBOSI – 51 Bottle Wine Cooler – $919
  • LanboPro – 62 Bottle Wine Fridge – $1,199
  • NewAir – 98 Bottle Wine Refrigerator – $1,199
  • NewAir – 116 Bottle Wine Cooler – $2,099
  • Lanbo – 133 Bottle Wine Fridge – $1,599
  • TYLZA – 154 Bottle Wine Refrigerator – $2,599
  • Kalamera – 157 Bottle Wine Cooler – $1,799



For any wine enthusiast, wine lover or business owner, knowing which commercial wine refrigerator is best for you can be challenging, especially with so many options available.

By using our advice, you can find the ideal cooler for your company and make an informed choice.

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