How Much Is A Frigidaire Wine Cooler?

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We’ll talk about the estimated cost of buying a Frigidaire wine fridge throughout this article.

As with buying any appliance, the cost will differ based on a number of variables, which we’ll go over in more detail in this article.

Let’s get started without further delay!

Frigidaire Wine Coolers Cost

Their wine refrigerators are priced between $439 and $879. Freestanding and integrated wine coolers are examples of these.

They provide a variety of hybrid wine coolers in addition to wine coolers that can also be used to store cans and beverages.

Factors affecting the price of a Frigidaire wine fridge

A wine refrigerator’s price is influenced by a number of variables, such as:

Model/Series: The model, series, or price range that a wine refrigerator belongs to can have an impact on its cost. This is so that each brand can appeal to customers with various budgets by offering both a core and premium product line.

Bottle Capacity: In general, the price of the unit increases with the number of wine bottles it can hold. One of the smallest wine coolers made by Frigidaire has a capacity of 24 bottles and costs $439.00. They also have another unit that costs $879.00 and holds 52 wine bottles.

Zone Capacity: The quantity of distinct cooling zones has an impact on a wine cooler’s cost as well. Once more, dual-zone wine coolers typically cost more than single-zone models. You can keep white wine, red wine, rose wine, and sparkling wine in separate cooling zones at their ideal temperature range thanks to zone capacity, which enables you to store different types of wine at different temperatures within the same physical unit.

Features: Most of the time, the more features a product has or the better components it is made of, the more expensive it is. For instance, a unit with a UV-resistant, tempered glass door will cost significantly more than one without.

Customer Reviews & Ratings: The popularity of a product as a whole is directly influenced by customer opinions and ratings. If this happens, the manufacturer or supplier may decide to increase the cost of either that particular wine cooler refrigerator model or the whole range of products.

Warranty: On all of their products, the majority of brands offer the same level of warranty. The warranty may, however, vary between product lines.

Frigidaire¬†Wine¬†Cooler¬†Range ‚Äď Current Pricing

The complete Frigidaire current product line, as displayed on their website, is included in this section, along with each wine refrigerator’s price:

  • Frigidaire 24-Bottle¬†Wine¬†Cooler¬†‚Äď $439 ‚ÄstSee Product
  • Frigidaire 34-Bottle¬†Wine¬†Cooler¬†‚Äď $539 ‚ÄstSee Product
  • Frigidaire 38 Bottle Two-Zone¬†Wine¬†Cooler¬†‚Äď $759 ‚ÄstSee Product
  • Frigidaire 52¬†Bottle¬†Wine¬†Cooler¬†‚Äď $879 ‚ÄstSee Product

The main wine storage options from Frigidaire are listed above, along with the price as it appears on their official website.

With only 4 wine fridges available, the brand does not have the broadest product selection. The bottle capacity of their smallest unit is 24 wine bottles, while the bottle capacity of their largest unit is over 52 wine bottles. It is evident that they are not designed to hold sizable wine collections as a result.

While the rest of their appliances have single temperature zones, one of these units (which holds 38 bottles) has two.

Different types of wine can be stored in the same appliance at once with dual-zone wine coolers, which enable both compartments to be independently controlled in terms of temperature settings.

Therefore, a dual zone unit is recommended if you want to store several different types of wine in one physical container.

Frigidaire is reasonably priced and even slightly more expensive than some well-known competitors in terms of value for the money.

As was already mentioned, Frigidaire also produces wine and beverage coolers, which we did not list.

Having said that, Frigidaire has a solid reputation in the wine cooler industry and is a well-known manufacturer of wine refrigerators.

A Frigidaire wine cooler is perfect whether you’re a casual wine enthusiast, a wine lover, an expert wine collector, or a commercial bar/restaurant given the price, features, and brand reputation (if a mid-sized unit is required).

You can trust that one of these wine refrigerators will safeguard your wine collection because they have received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

One of the biggest drawbacks is that you’ll need to look elsewhere if you need a unit with a bottle capacity of more than 52 bottles. These systems are regarded as commercial wine cellars and wine coolers in this instance.

Furthermore, since Frigidaire doesn’t produce thermoelectric wine coolers, you’ll need to look elsewhere if you want to find one.



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