How Much Is An Allavino Wine Cooler?

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The approximate costs of purchasing an Allavino wine fridge will be covered in this article.

As we’ll discuss throughout the article, there are a variety of factors that will affect this.

So without further ado, let’s get going!

Allavino Wine Coolers Cost

They have a variety of wine refrigerators available, ranging in price from $1,199 to $4,999. This includes a variety of built-in and freestanding wine cooler systems.

Factors affecting the price of an Allavino wine fridge

The price of the wine refrigerator is influenced by a wide range of factors, such as:

Model/Series: The model, series, or price range that a wine refrigerator belongs to can have an impact on its cost. This is so that each brand can appeal to customers with various budgets by offering both a core and premium product line.

Bottle¬†capacity: In general, the price of the unit increases with the number of wine bottles it can hold. Thirty wine bottles can fit in one of Allavino’s smallest wine coolers, which costs $1,199 (15‚Ä≤‚Ä≤ Wide FlexCount II Tru-Vino 30 Bottle Single Zone Black Wine Refrigerator).¬†‚ÄstSee Product). A different product from them costs $4,999 and has a capacity for 354 bottles of wine (47‚Ä≤‚Ä≤ Wide FlexCount II Tru-Vino 354 Bottle Dual Zone Stainless Steel Side-by-Side Wine Refrigerator).¬†‚ÄstSee Product).

Zone capacity: The quantity of distinct cooling zones has an impact on a wine cooler’s cost as well. Once more, dual-zone wine coolers typically cost more than single-zone models. You can keep white wine, red wine, rose wine, and sparkling wine in separate cooling zones at their ideal temperature ranges thanks to zone capacity, which enables you to store different types of wine at different temperatures within the same physical unit.

Features: The majority of the time, the more features a product has or the better-quality materials it is made of, the more expensive it will be. For instance, a unit with a UV-resistant (to block UV rays), tempered glass door will cost much more than one without.

Customer reviews & ratings: A product’s general popularity is directly influenced by customer opinions and ratings. In such a case, the manufacturer/supplier may decide to increase the cost of either that specific model of wine cooler refrigerator or the entire range of their offerings.

Warranty: Most companies give all of their products the same level of warranty. Warranty terms, however, may vary between product lines.

Allavino¬†Wine¬†Cooler¬†Range ‚Äď Current Pricing

We’ll list all of Allavino’s current product offerings in this section, along with the cost of each specific wine refrigerator:

  • Allavino 15‚Ä≥ Wide FlexCount II Tru-Vino 30¬†Bottle¬†Single Zone¬†Stainless Steel¬†Left Hinge¬†Wine¬†Refrigerator¬†‚Äď $1,199 ‚ÄstSee Product
  • Allavino 15‚Ä≥ Wide FlexCount II Tru-Vino 30¬†Bottle¬†Dual Zone¬†Stainless Steel¬†Left Hinge¬†Wine¬†Refrigerator¬†‚Äď $1,399 ‚ÄstSee Product
  • Allavino 24‚Ä≥ Wide FlexCount II Tru-Vino 56¬†Bottle¬†Dual Zone¬†Stainless Steel¬†Right Hinge¬†Wine¬†Refrigerator¬†‚Äď $1,799 ‚ÄstSee Product
  • Allavino 24‚Ä≥ Wide Vite II 99¬†Bottle¬†Single Zone¬†Wine¬†Refrigerator¬†‚Äď $1,899 ‚ÄstSee Product
  • Allavino 24‚Ä≥ Wide Vite II Tru-Vino 99¬†Bottle¬†Dual Zone¬†Stainless Steel¬†Right Hinge¬†Wine¬†Refrigerator¬†‚Äď $1,649 ‚ÄstSee Product
  • Allavino 24‚Ä≥ Wide FlexCount II Tru-Vino 172¬†Bottle¬†Dual Zone¬†Stainless Steel¬†Right Hinge¬†Wine¬†Refrigerator¬†‚Äď $2,799 ‚ÄstSee Product
  • Allavino 24‚Ä≥ Wide FlexCount II Tru-Vino 177¬†Bottle¬†Single Zone Black Right Hinge¬†Wine¬†Refrigerator¬†‚Äď $2,899 ‚ÄstSee Product

The main wine storage containers for Allavino are listed above in order of size. The Vite and Allavino Flexcount series are included in this.

We can see from the image above that they offer wine coolers ranging in size from 30-bottle units (which are more like medium-capacity units than mini fridges) all the way up to 177 bottles, which are categorized as large wine coolers. Because of this, the brand offers a variety of bottle capacities, making it appropriate for most applications.

Single-zone and dual-zone wine cooler units are available from Allavino, and the majority of them have a black metal cabinet and stainless steel trim (at the front).

Regarding prices, we can see that their most expensive product is $4,999, while their least expensive refrigerator (on this list) is $1,199.99. As a result, Allavino has definitely positioned its products in the higher price range when compared to rivals.

Therefore, Allavino has a wine fridge to suit your needs and preserve your wine collection, whether you’re a casual wine lover, a wine enthusiast, a seasoned wine collector, or a commercial bar/restaurant. as long as your budget is larger.

If you’re a novice or seasoned wine collector, the brand offers 100-bottle, 120-bottle, and 150-bottle wine fridges that are great for storing wine in a wine cellar or using it commercially.

We only found compressor-powered systems, so Allavino does not appear to offer a wide selection of thermoelectric wine cooler systems.

Additionally, the business offers beverage cooling systems, including hybrid designs that can store wine bottles. These aren’t on the list from earlier.

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