What Is A Commercial Wine Fridge?

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Any business that wants to maintain a top-notch wine collection must have a wine refrigerator.

The temperature range that wine refrigerators can maintain is more significant than their size or shape.

A wine refrigerator for businesses that can maintain a steady temperature between 40 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit is crucial (depending on the type of wine they want to store, I.E. red, white, or rose wine). By doing this, you can prevent the deterioration of your wine collection.

What Is A Commercial Wine Refrigerator?

Commercial wine coolers are intended for use in commercial and business settings where wine is served, such as bars, hotels, cafes, and other establishments. They are therefore typically larger in size than a typical wine fridge and typically have large bottle capacities.

These refrigerators frequently have a number of cooling zones or chambers that can accommodate various types of wine, and they frequently have a specialized fan to move air around the wine so that it stays chilled.

Additionally, they frequently have display shelving, a lock to prevent unauthorized access, and other features.

Last but not least, because of their size, these units are frequently kept in wine cellars or behind bars (if there is enough space).

Why Do You Need A Commercial Wine Refrigerator?

Any commercial setting that stores wine, such as a restaurant, bar, hotel, cafe, or other business, needs to have a commercial wine refrigerator.

It’s an important piece of equipment that keeps your wines and other alcoholic drinks (like champagne) cold and fresh.

Commercial wine coolers are made of high-quality materials, including the compressor-based system, filters, and fan system. This ensures that they will last for a very long time.

Commercial wine coolers are considerably more expensive than other wine fridges, though, so with that said.

Types Of Commercial Wine Refrigerators Available In The Market?

Commercial wine refrigerators are available in a wide range of designs, sizes, and shapes. Although most of them use compressor-based cooling systems, they can either be built-in or freestanding.

Unlike freestanding wine coolers, which typically have back or side-facing vents and must therefore be placed in an open area, built-in wine fridges have front-facing vents and can therefore be placed in an enclosed space without reducing airflow.

Each brand uses different components and prioritizes different features, so some units will have display shelves, reversible doors, etc. Large-capacity wine coolers are perfect for commercial applications and wine collectors, and there are hundreds of different brands that make them.

Also known as dual-zone, tri-zone, or quad-zone wine fridges, multiple cooling compartments with separate temperature controls are a common feature of wine coolers. These don’t resemble cooling units with a single compartment. In a physical wine fridge, units with multiple compartments are better equipped to store a variety of wines.

How To Choose The Right Commercial Wine Cooler?

The type of wine that will be stored inside should be taken into account when looking for a commercial wine cooler. For instance, are you looking to store a single variety of white wine or several? Are you interested in keeping red and rose wines in the same container, or even both? An alternative might be a dual-zone, tri-zone, or quad-zone unit in this situation.

Second, it’s crucial to consider whether the unit will be placed in an open or enclosed space. Built-in wine refrigerators, as was already mentioned in the article, can be placed in an enclosed space without reducing airflow, whereas freestanding wine coolers typically have back/side-facing vents and must be placed in an open area.

When buying a commercial wine cooler, it’s important to take size and features into account as well. For instance, is UV protection provided by the glass door? You may want to take these into consideration because some models have display shelves, wood/metal wine racks, and dividers that can hold a variety of bottles and containers as well as the ability to lock the unit (to prevent unauthorized access).

You should also think about aesthetic factors, such as whether you want a device with a matte-black or stainless steel outer chassis.

The cost of a commercial wine fridge should also be taken into account, along with your budget.


Any business that serves wine to customers and needs to store a large number of wines would benefit greatly from making the investment in a commercial wine cooler.

Before considering buying such a unit, it’s crucial to understand your needs, which should include the bottle capacity, the type of wine you plan to store, where you want to place the wine fridge, special features (USPs), and the warranty.

Read our guide on where to buy a commercial wine fridge, which we’ve featured here, once you’ve decided on the kind of unit you want.

Thank you for reading; we sincerely hope you found this information useful.


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