The party game of wine, wit & wordplay

What is READ

It's wine tasting for the rest of us! A deck of 54 theme cards inspire players to write hilarious wine descriptions, that will have your party abuzz with laughter! No formal wine knowledge needed -- it's all about trying new wines and having fun with friends.

How It Works

Sample a wine

As if you need an excuse! We recommend four samples per game


The game comes with 54 hilarious themes to inspire your wine-scribing.

Write your description

Let the wine speak from within you. Be as serious or as silly as you like!

Guess WHO
said What!

Earn points for correctly "pairing" a description with its author.

Need inspIRation?

Remember there's no right or wrong way to taste. Write from the eyes, nose, tongue, throat or funny bone. Channel your inner wine snob, or just get drunk on adjectives.
Notes Of...

Chocolate • Smoke • Black Currant Rubber • Elderberry • Citrus • Toast Butter • Coriander • OAK Sauerkraut Asparagus • Trout • Kerosene • Dirt Cinnamon • Guava • Stone • Hazelnut Cherry • Skunk • Raspberry Cedar Meat • Peach cobbler • Schnozberry Apple • Barnyard • Cat Pee • Coffee Sulpher • Tobacco • Kimchi • Wet dog


Rich • Chewy • Balanced • Unctuous Laser-Like • Aromatic • Tangy • Mature NUTTY • VigorouS • Earthy • Complex AusterE • DULL • Rounded • Oaky • Heavy Orgasmic • Tart • fat • Flacid • Exotic Astringent • AggressivE • Sparkling Bitter • Velvety • Ethereal • Creamy Fruit-forward • Crisp • Full-bodied

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the winos who created the game

Ashley's a designer. Audra's a writer. Corki's an 8 foot tall wine bottle. They invented READ BETWEEN THE WINES! to bring people together and to stick a Merlot-stained tongue in the cheek of wine snobbery. It's a wine tasting game for the rest of us!