EdgeStar CWR5631FD 56 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Fridge Review

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We will look at the EdgeStar CWR5631FD 30-Inch 56 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler in this product review, which is a built-in/under-counter wine cooler with dual-zone functionality and a French door design.

We will examine its technical specifications, as well as its exterior appearance, interior performance, advantages, and disadvantages. You can skip ahead to the summary to see if the Edgestar CWR5631FD is the wine refrigerator you need to store your wine collection.

EdgeStar CWR5631FD 30-Inch 56 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

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  • Height- 35 inches
  • Width- 30 inches
  • Depth- Approximately 25.5 inches with handles
  • Weight- 153 pounds





Capacity and Design:

We are considering fitting up to 56 standard 3-inch diameter bottles. Sparkling wine bottles with a diameter of 3.5 inches, as well as 1 liter and 1.5 L bottles, may fit on the top and bottom shelves. Keep in mind that non-standard bottle sizes may significantly reduce this wine refrigerator’s maximum shelf capacity.

The French door design of the EdgeStar CWR5631FD is stunning. The double-door design gives this wine cooler a high-end appearance. The doors are made of UV-resistant tinted glass with a stainless steel frame for a classy look. It also has LED lighting for better visibility at night. When you’re showing off your wine collection to your friends, the attractive interior lighting highlights it.

This wine cooler has 12 removable and adjustable wooden shelves with stainless steel fronts. It also has a handy LED display that shows the temperature inside. Temperature control is also simple with the digital control panel.

This wine refrigerant can be installed as a free-standing unit or as a built-in unit near your bar or in your kitchen. The style works well with both industrial and modern interior designs.

Keep in mind that the EdgeStar CWR5631FD is not intended for use outside. Avoid stacking the units on top of each other as well. This practice is not recommended because it can shorten the life of your wine coolers. If you need more space to display your wine collection, the built-in wine coolers can be placed side by side with no problem.


Aside from its aesthetics and durability, the EdgeStar CWR5631FD has the following main features:

  • Dual Zone Operation– Some wine connoisseurs prefer having both their red and white wine selections in one convenient wine cooler. This model can maintain temperatures ranging from 40 to 65°F. For a more organized selection, keep the red wine on the right and the white wine on the left.
  • Safety Lock– This security feature is essential if you are frequently away from your wine collection and want to ensure that no one handles your wine collection carelessly while you are away. It also ensures that there will be no improper cooling issues.
  • High Performance– The ability of a wine cooler to maintain the optimal temperature required for your wine selection is the most important feature. This model features a high-efficiency compressor and internal circulation fans that work in tandem to maintain optimal temperature control. With this model, you can expect even distribution of cool air and no hot spots.
  • UV Protection– If you keep your wine cooler in a bright kitchen, make sure it has this feature. There are fancy black dots on the EdgeStar CWR5631FD 56 bottle dual-zone wine cooler that are discrete and blend in with the overall design of the model. These black dots act as UV ray blockers, shielding your wine collection from heat and UV rays.



The EdgeStar CWR5631FD comes with a one-year labor warranty. This is useful to have so that you can save a few dollars on a local repairman for the first year. Furthermore, the durability of this model ensures its longevity as a wine cooler in your home.


Customer Reviews

With 4- and 5-star reviews, the EdgeStar CWR5631FD receives high customer satisfaction ratings. Customers who were pleased with it noted its long-term quality, with some keeping it in their homes for 1 to 4 years.

This wine refrigerator’s quiet performance will also be discussed. The overall design appeals to happy customers. There will be remarks about the capacity of wine bottles. Remember that there is a recommended arrangement for storing the bottles in order to maximize shelf capacity. Furthermore, the 12 shelves will have significantly less space for larger and taller bottles.

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  • Quiet model
  • Odor-free due to its carbon filter
  • Double door design
  • Durable build
  • Dual-zone temperature
  • Easy installation (can be free-standing or built-in)


  • Limited shelf capacity
  • Designed for standard bottles
  • Shelves are not on rollers



The EdgeStar CWR5631FD wine cooler is intended for home use and blends in seamlessly with modern kitchens and bars. It is a two-door wine refrigerator with twelve sturdy shelves that can hold up to 56 standard wine bottle sizes. It can effectively cool both your red and white wine collections in a single cooler.

Wine enthusiasts who have a good number of standard wine bottles in red and wide varieties can definitely make the most of this model. This wine cooler is one to bring home because of its sleek design and overall quiet performance.

This model’s efficient air cooling technology ensures that cool air is distributed evenly throughout your wine collection. Other features contribute to optimal temperature control. The LED temperature display, LED interior lights, tinted glass door, and safety lock are all visible.

This model not only keeps your wine collection cool, but it also has a carbon filtering feature to ensure an odor-free environment for your wine collection.

Connoisseurs will value its longevity as a wine cooler. The EdgeStar CWR5631FD 56-bottle wine cooler is designed to last a long time, with satisfied customers enjoying their units for up to four years. The one-year labor warranty adds value to this purchase.

If you’re looking for a well-built and high-performance wine refrigerator for your home, the EdgeStar CWR5631FD is a great option.

If you’re looking for more wine coolers from EdgeStar, check out our buyers guide to the top 9 best EdgeStar Wine Fridges.

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