EdgeStar TWR325ESS 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

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In today’s review, we’ll concentrate on the EdgeStar TWR325ESS wine cooler, a double-door, dual-temperature wine refrigerator for those of you who maintain a modest but well-balanced wine collection.

As is customary at Read Between Wines, we’ll examine this wine cooler’s technical details as well as its unique features, design, and performance. Next, we’ll list a few benefits and drawbacks of purchasing this wine cooler, some customer reviews, and our overall assessment of it.

EdgeStar TWR325ESS 32 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

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  • Height- Approximately 33 inches including the hinges on top and the adjustable leveling legs
  • Width- 21 inches
  • Depth- Approximately 22 inches with the handles
  • Weight- 70 pounds





Capacity and Design

In order to create 16 different bottle areas, the EdgeStar TWR325ESS has 14 sliding shelves and a sizable bottom area. This wine cooler can hold a maximum of 32 standards 2.5″ Bordeaux bottles (750mL). Additionally, the shelving system is detachable, allowing for the storage of longer and wider bottles, albeit at the expense of bottle capacity. A few champagne or pinot noir bottles can fit in this wine cooler, according to some users.

The EdgeStar TWR325ESS is compact and stands about the same height as a barstool. Since it is free-standing, you can put it on display wherever you like in your house. Please be aware that it is not made to withstand the elements outside.

A dual-zone operation is made possible by the French door design. Tempered glass covers the door panels, keeping the interior cool and shielding the wine from light from the outside. There is a gentle blue LED light inside that enhances your wine collection without damaging it.

The design of the wine cooler itself features a scalloped chrome shelving system and a stainless steel body. On the outside of the wine cooler are the digital temperature display and controls. This enables temperature adjustments to be made without opening the wine refrigerator.

The manufacturer’s name, Edgestar, is imprinted at the bottom of the two-door panels, and the handles are also very stylish.



With the following features, this wine cooler offers a good value for its size and price:

  • Dual Temperature Zone– This feature would be crucial to you if you have a wine collection that requires various temperatures. With this design, you can keep the wine bottles in the left and right zones at two different temperatures. You can easily find the ideal temperature to cool your wine because the temperature ranges from 40 to 65°F.
  • Internal Fans– This feature ensures even air cooling throughout all the wine bottles stored in your wine cooler.
  • Quiet and Vibration-Free-This model promises a silent operation and does away with damaging vibrations that could disturb your wine collection.
  • Thermoelectric cooling system-For a more environmentally friendly wine cooler, Edgestar chose to use a cooling type that does not emit CFCs.
  • Auto Defrost- This feature makes it simple to clean and maintain the wine refrigerator.



A one-year parts warranty and a ninety-day labor warranty are included with the EdgeStar TWR325ESS. Remember that the buyer is responsible for paying the shipping costs for both warranty-covered and non-warranty repairs.


Customer Reviews

For most users, this wine cooler lasts between one and three years. Remember that replacing the wine fridge once it has served its purpose is more economical than having it repaired. Most customers claim that it would be more expensive to repair the unit than to purchase a new one. Many long-term owners of the EdgeStar TWR325ESS have replaced their old unit with the same one after it has served its purpose.

Watch out for defective appliances that may have noisy or inoperable fans. Customers should also be cautious about the costs associated with replacing or having their units repaired once the warranty has expired. Several dissatisfied customers advise buying a new unit rather than dealing with the hassles of replacing parts or having the old one fixed. Given that this is a thermoelectric wine cooler, even nearby repair companies reportedly charge exorbitant prices to fix such appliances.

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  • Easy-to-read temperature display with simple digital controls
  • Energy-efficient running at 210 watts
  • High bottle capacity for its size
  • Long power cord around 30 inches long
  • Aesthetically pleasing design that blends with most modern and industrial kitchen décor
  • Easy to clean with removable shelves, glass doors, and an auto-defrost feature


  • Can’t fit under counters or built into an island
  • Requires adequate space on all sides for proper ventilation; failing to comply may result in the unit breaking
  • Repairs and replacements outside of warranty can be costly



The EdgeStar TWR325ESS Wine Cooler is an option to take into account if you’re looking for a dual-zone wine cooler that doesn’t require a difficult installation. The double doors on this standalone unit each have a controllable temperature zone. Utilizing the conveniently located digital control found in the exteriors, you can select the ideal temperatures for the type of wine you are serving. The fewest cooling disruptions are guaranteed by doing this. Additionally, the air-cooling system boasts quiet operation, uniform cooling, no vibration, and no CFC emission.

The EdgeStar TWR325ESS’s overall appearance complements its performance. Without sacrificing the efficiency of the appliance, the placement of the temperature controls, the tinted glass doors, and the LED interior lights are all carefully incorporated into the overall design.

The elegant wine cooler is reasonably priced, and a good one should last between one and three years. There could be problems with defective units and warranty issues. The solution to these problems is patience.

The EdgeStar TWR325ESS Dual Zone Wine Cooler is a good value if you take into account its features in relation to its size and low cost.

However, if you’re looking for additional wine coolers from EdgeStar, check out our guide to the top 9 EdgeStar wine fridges.

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