How Much Do Wine Coolers Cost?

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The price of a cooler will be discussed in this article.

These prices will, of course, vary greatly depending on the brand, features, size, and other factors such as visual aesthetics.

So, for specific types of wine fridges, we’ll provide some price bands/ranges so you can get a better idea of how much to expect when purchasing such a unit.

With that said, let’s look at some of the most popular wine coolers and their prices.

Wine Cooler Prices – What Do Wine Fridges Cost?

A wine cooler can range in price from $150 for a small unit to $3500 or more for a large or commercially designed wine fridge.

We’ve arranged these units in descending order of cost:


Small-Sized Wine Coolers

Small wine coolers are the least expensive units on the market because they hold the fewest bottles. Due to their small size, these are ideal for those looking for countertop wine coolers.

These coolers typically have wine bottle capacities ranging of 6 to 15 bottles and can be powered by thermoelectric or compressor-based cooling systems.

These wine refrigerators are ideal for storing red and white wine, though they may lack the ability to cool wine at lower temperatures, especially if they are thermoelectric rather than compressor-powered. These are almost always single-zone units, as dual-zone wine coolers at this size are uncommon.

Price: A small wine cooler will typically cost between $150 and $400, with more expensive models having dual zone capacity.

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Medium-Sized Wine Coolers

Medium-sized wine coolers typically have a wine storage bottle capacity ranging from 18 to 35 bottles.

Because of their size, they are typically powered by a compressor-based cooling system, though the occasional thermoelectric-powered one may exist.

The less expensive units are freestanding and have a single temperature cooling zone, whereas the more expensive units are built-in (undercounter) and have dual zones, which means they have separate cooling areas for different types of wine.

Price: A medium-sized wine cooler will typically cost between $400 and $800.

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Large-Sized Wine Coolers

Large wine coolers have bottle capacities ranging from 36 to 600+ bottles and are most commonly used in a wine cellar, large kitchen, bar, or commercial setting (such as a nightclub or restaurant).

Because of their size, they are always cooled by compressors.

Because these units are used as commercial wine coolers, they are frequently very powerful and have the ability to maintain an ideal temperature for storing a wine collection, whether reds, whites, or sparkling wine.

Furthermore, the cost of these units varies significantly more than the other types of units we’ve discussed.

Price: A large wine refrigerator will typically cost between $800 and $7500, with higher-priced units having dual zone capability and being suitable for built-in use.

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Why we recommend buying a more premium-priced unit

You get what you pay for when it comes to appliances.

Given that you will most likely own a wine refrigerator for a number of years, and for wine collectors/connoisseurs who want to store large collections of wine, including expensive vintage wines, it is critical to ensure that your wine is chilled in the best possible environment. Otherwise, the quality may be jeopardized.

Additionally, it is critical for bars, nightclubs, and restaurants to select a dependable unit, as this can ruin stock and cost the business money.

We certainly hope you found this article useful, and for specific wine fridge recommendations, visit some of the links we’ve included throughout the article to read our buyers guides.

Otherwise, if you have a specific brand in mind, be sure to read customer reviews on Amazon, Feefo, and Trustpilot, as these sites will give you a good indication of the quality of the product and the customer service provided.






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