How Wide Is A Dual Zone Wine Cooler?

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Some people might be curious about the actual size of a dual-zone wine cooler. Don’t worry, though; we’re here to assist.

We’ll be talking about the typical width of a dual-zone wine refrigerator in this article.

We’re going to discuss a dual-zone wine fridge’s width (by giving real examples) as well as the other factors you’ll want to take into account before choosing a unit since we assume that you may be in the market and trying to determine whether a dual-zone wine cooler is suitable for your needs.

Let’s now discuss the width of wine coolers and other factors pertaining to wine storage!

What Is A Wine Cooler?

An appliance commonly used to store and cool wine is a wine cooler. They are available in a range of sizes and hold a sizable amount of wine.

Simply put, a dual-zone wine fridge is a device with 2 storage areas; consequently, it typically has more bottle storage space. They frequently weigh more and are noticeably bigger in size (because of the extra bottle capacity), but buying one has some advantages.

How Wide Is A Dual Zone Wine Fridge?

When comparing different models, brands of dual-zone wine refrigerators, which each have a unique structural design, and aesthetic appearance, and use different materials in manufacturing, vary in size to some extent.

However, from our research, they on average range from ″ (inches) to ″ (inches) in width.

Given the wide range in bottle capacities between dual zone wine fridges, the following are some precise weight examples at various bottle capacities:

  • 25¬†bottle: Koolatron¬†24¬†Bottle¬†Dual Zone¬†Wine¬†Cooler¬†‚Äď 14‚Ä≥ W
  • 50¬†bottle: La Sommeliere ‚Äď 50¬†Bottle¬†Dual Zone¬†Wine¬†Cooler¬†‚Äď 18.89‚Ä≥ W
  • 100¬†bottle: KingsBottle 100¬†Bottle¬†Dual Zone¬†Wine¬†Fridge¬†‚Äď 27‚Ä≥ W
  • 150¬†bottle: ‚ÄstWine¬†Enthusiast¬†SommSeries 150¬†Bottle¬†Dual Zone¬†Wine¬†Cellar¬†‚Äď 23.75‚Ä≥ W
  • 200¬†bottle: Climadiff PCLP205 ‚Äď 204¬†Bottle¬†Multi Zone¬†Wine¬†Cooler¬†‚Äď 23.42‚Ä≥ W
  • 300¬†bottle: Avintage ‚Äď 294 Freestanding Ageing Cabinet DVA305PA+ ‚Äď 27.55‚Ä≥ W

What Other Factors Are Important To Consider?


The location of a wine fridge is crucial to think about because it will depend on the model you buy. A wine refrigerator without a front-facing vent, for instance, cannot be installed in a built-in or under-counter position. Freestanding and built-in wine coolers differ in this way.


What purpose does the wine fridge serve? Is this intended for personal or professional use? The type and size of the unit you ultimately choose will be determined by this because wine coolers designed for business or commercial use are larger and have more features. They are also more expensive.

Wine Bottle Capacity

In essence, the number of wine bottles that can be stored and cooled depends on bottle capacity. As a result, this also directly relates to “usage” and will depend on whether you’re looking for a large-capacity wine cooler for commercial use or a small unit with a bottle capacity that is suitable for personal use.


That will determine the kind, brand, and model (and subsequent features) that you can buy is yet another very crucial factor to take into account. It’s important to keep in mind that a wine refrigerator is an investment and that occasionally buying cheap means you might end up buying twice.

Height & Weight

Similar to how important it is to take into account the wine fridge’s width, you must also plan for the unit’s weight, height, and dimensions when placing the appliance in your home or place of business. These factors include transportation and maneuverability.


Finally, features are another factor to take into account. These include the physical appearance (stainless steel or plastic), wine rack material (wood or metal), and zone capacity (single zone or dual zone) in case you need to store red wine and white wine simultaneously in the same unit as part of your wine collection, temperature range, LED lighting color, glass door type (tempered or tinted glass for optimal UV protection), locking functionality, and zone capacity.


Since we are aware of how crucial this is, especially if the appliance is being installed in a built-in or under-counter location, we hope that this article has shed some light on the typical width of a dual-zone wine refrigerator.

Not only this, but we also hope you found the other factors we suggested were very helpful.





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