What’s The Difference Between A Fridge And A Wine Fridge?

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The main distinctions between a wine fridge and a regular refrigerator will be covered in this article.

We’ll discover that despite having the ability to refrigerate, each type of unit has a very different function.

So let’s get started without further ado!

What is the difference between a wine cooler and a regular refrigerator?


Wine Coolers vs Regular fridges

Refrigeration systems called “wine fridges” are made specifically to hold wine bottles. To prevent bottles from falling and breaking, they have shelves that are big enough to hold a certain number of bottles. A typical refrigerator is made for everyday use, housing both food and liquids.

Unless you’ve bought a very cheap thermoelectric wine cooler, the majority of wine storage coolers, including single and dual zone units, can store both red wine and white wine; as a result, the typical temperature range is 45-68¬įF. This is crucial because wine needs to be stored in a cool environment in order to mature. If not, it will merely spoil and start to taste bad. The average refrigerator only has a temperature range of 60 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which is simply not cold enough to store items like your white wines. Regular refrigerators simply cannot provide the same level of cooling.

A wine cooler differs from a regular refrigerator in another way that makes it better suited for storing wine bottles: these appliances typically have UV-reflective glass doors. Wine is harmed by UV radiation because it destroys the molecules and chemicals that help wine age well. Instead, the UV light accelerates the aging process of the wine, which results in a bad taste.

In comparison to a standard refrigerator, some wine coolers also have extra features that make them better suited for wine storage. One of these is that some of them have lockable doors, which is very helpful if you want to keep trespassers out of your wine collection. Not to mention, some expensive units come with a lovely wine display shelf that you can use to show off your collection’s best few wines.


We believe you now understand the advantages of a wine cooler over a regular refrigerator. They not only offer a temperature that is more suitable for storing wine, but also creates an environment that is better suited for keeping your wine collection in perfect condition and tasting great when the time comes to open the bottles.

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