How Much Is A Phiestina Wine Cooler?

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We’ll discuss the general costs of buying a Phiestina wine fridge in this article.

As we’ll go over in more detail below, a number of factors will affect this.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Phiestina Wine Coolers Cost

They have a limited number of wine refrigerators available, with prices ranging from $497 to $841. Both freestanding and built-in wine coolers are included in this. Their own website does not actually list all of their wine refrigerators. Instead, they want to sell their units mostly on Amazon.

Factors affecting the price of a Phiestina wine fridge

The price of the wine refrigerator is influenced by a wide range of factors, such as:

  • Model/Series: The unit’s price may vary depending on the wine fridge model, series, or range it belongs to. Every brand offers a core and premium product line to appeal to customers with various budgets, which is the cause of this.
  • Bottle¬†capacity: In general, the price of the unit increases with the number of wine bottles it can hold. Six wine bottles can fit in one of Koolatron’s smallest wine coolers, which costs $179.99. The cost of one of their other units, which holds 173 wine bottles, is $2,874.99.
  • Zone capacity: The quantity of distinct cooling zones will also influence the cost of a wine cooler. Once more, in general, dual-zone wine coolers are more expensive than single-zone wine coolers. You can store white wine, red wine, rose wine, and sparkling wine in separate cooling zones at their ideal temperature ranges thanks to zone capacity, which enables you to store various wine varieties at various temperatures within the same physical unit.
  • Features: The majority of the time, a product’s high feature count or the higher quality materials used in its construction translate into a higher price. For instance, a unit with a UV-resistant, tempered glass door will cost significantly more than one without.
  • Customer reviews & ratings: A product’s overall popularity is directly impacted by customer opinions and ratings. If this occurs, the manufacturer/supplier may decide to raise the cost of that specific wine cooler refrigerator model or the entire range of products.
  • Warranty: Most brands offer a similar level of warranty for every one of their products. However, the warranty may vary between product lines.

Phiestina¬†Wine¬†Cooler¬†Range ‚Äď Current Pricing

When looking at the stock on their website, Phiestina currently offers the following product line, along with prices for each specific wine refrigerator:

  • Phiestina ‚Äď 15 Inch¬†Built In¬†Wine¬†Cooler¬†29¬†Bottle¬†Dual Zone ‚Äď $576 ‚ÄstSee Product
  • Phiestina ‚Äď Built In, 46¬†Bottle, Dual Zone¬†Wine¬†Fridge¬†‚Äď $719 ‚ÄstSee Product
  • Phiestina ‚Äď 24 Inch Built In Dual Zone¬†Wine¬†&¬†Beverage¬†Cooler¬†‚Äď $868 ‚ÄstSee Product

The main wine storage units at Phiestina are shown in the photo above.

As we can see, the company (at least on their official website) doesn’t offer a wide variety of products, with models ranging from a 29-bottle wine refrigerator to a slightly larger 46-bottle wine refrigerator. Both of these units are extremely adaptable because they are dual zone and can be installed either built-in or under a counter.

Additionally, taking into account the cost of each unit and the fact that they are both built-in units with the ability to accommodate two zones, it is clear that Phiestina offers excellent value for the money.

They do, however, also produce wine and beverage coolers; one of these is highlighted in the list above. This has a built-in wine fridge and can accommodate two zones as well.

As we briefly mentioned, Phiestina has a much more affordable product range at the moment when compared to the major industry competitors.

Given that, purchasing a Phiestina wine cooler is ideal whether you’re a professional bar or restaurant, an experienced wine collector, a casual wine enthusiast, or a wine lover.

You can be sure that one of these wine refrigerators will protect your wine collection because they have received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

The restriction is that you will need to look elsewhere if you need a unit with a bottle capacity greater than 50 bottles, such as 100 bottles, 200 bottles, or even 300 bottles.

Additionally, Phiestina does not produce thermoelectric wine coolers, so if you’re looking for one, you’ll need to look elsewhere.





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